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Our Through the Eyes video series allows you to learn more about our department and how we work, and, just as important, who we are as people.

Wonder Drake - Assistant Professor

John McPherson, MD, Vice Chair for Education, Director, Residency Program

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Katie D. White MD, PhD

Katie D. White MD, PhD

Science and service aren’t mutually exclusive concepts to Katie White — they’re mutually reinforcing.

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Grant supports Oates’ research on acetaminophen and stroke

Oates and colleagues discovered the mechanism whereby acetaminophen reduces pain and relieved fever by blocking synthesis of pro-inflammatory molecules called prostaglandins. They now are investigating whether the drug can prevent one of the most lethal consequences of rupture — cerebral vasospasm (constriction of the arteries that supply the brain).


Pancreatic islets study may spur diabetes treatment advances

“We are studying these young islets in a manner that has really never been done before,” the study’s co-first author, Chunhua Dai, M.D., research associate professor in the Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism. “Our hope is that this will lead to new insight into what is happening at the molecular level so we can use that knowledge to better treat diabetes.”

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Vanderbilt University Hospital has one of the most advanced electronic systems in the nation for both order entry and for its EMR.