Recent Grant Awards in the Department of Medicine

Updated: 9/19/2017

NIH AWARDS (New, Competing)


Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Budget Start Date

Project Title


Khankari, Nikhil


09/18/17 Polyunsaturated fatty acids and colorectal tumor risk: a molecular and genetic epidemiology study


Loyd, James



Hormonal, Metabolic and Signaling Interactions in PAH


Harris, Ray



Vanderbilt O'Brien Kidney Center


Gaddy, Jennifer



Determining the contribution of zinc deficiency to perinatal Group B Streptococcus infections


Goettel, Jeremy


09/01/17 Investigating cross-regulation of the microbiome and mucosal immune system using humanized mice


Peterson, Josh



Rational Integration of clinical SEquencing (RISE)


Young-Jae, Nam



Defining cardiomyocyte reprogramming induced heart repair


Birdwell, Kelly


09/25/17 APOL1 and Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Vanderbilt Clinical Center


Kripalani, Sunil (contact); Roumie, Christianne​


09/01/17 Vanderbilt Scholars in T4 Translational Research
(V-STTaR) Program


Wilkins, Consuelo 1R13TR001694-01A1 09/01/17

Advancing the Science of Community Engaged Research


Shu, Xioa-Ou 2T32CA160056-07 09/01/17 Vanderbilt Training Program in Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer


Richmond, Bradley 1K08HL138088-01 09/01/17 Role of p73 in COPD Pathogenesis


Aronoff, David 1R01AI134036-01 08/18/17 The Role of macrophages in chorioamnionitis and group B streptococcal infections
EP Wu, Pingsheng  1R21HL133742-01 08/05/17 Antibiotic timing, spectrum, and cumulative dose during pregnancy and infancy on risk of asthma
CA Brittain, Evan 1R34HL136989-01 08/01/17  Mobile Health Intervention in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
CA Freiberg, Matt 1U01AA026222-01 08/01/17 1/2 Alcohol Associated Comorbidities and Microbiome Evaluation in HIV (ACME HIV)
AP Ware, Lorraine (contact); Bastarache, Julie 1R01HL135849-01A1 08/01/17 Targeting cell-free hemoglobin in sepsis to reduce lung microvascular permeability: mechanistic and translational studies
RH Aune, Thomas 1R21AI128281-01A1 08/01/17 LncRNAs tether transcription factors to enable locus-specific regulation and sustain memory T cell phenotype
HO Ferrell, Brent 1K23HL138291-01 08/01/17 Investigating the role of the JAK/STAT3 Pathway in Clonal Proliferation and Immune Dysfunction in Myelodysplastic Syndrome
GE Knapik, Ela (contact: Cox, Nancy; Sutcliffe, James 1R01MH113362-01 08/01/17 Discovering Biology for Neuropsychiatric Diseases Through Omics Studies on Comorbidities
NP Zent, Roy 1R13AR072495-01 07/20/17 ASMB/Vanderbilt Workshop on Basement Membranes
CA Hatzopoulos, Antonis 1R01HL138519-01 07/15/17 Functional heterogeneity of cardiac reparative cells after injury
CA Gumina, Richard 1R01HL127442-01A1 7/14/2017 Ectonucleotidases in ischemic heart disease
ID Rebeiro, Peter 1K01AI131895-01A1 7/5/2017 The HIV Care Continuum and Health Policy: Changes through Context and Geography
GE Pal, Tuya 1R01CA204819-01A1 7/1/2017 Breast Cancer In Blacks: Impact of Genomics, Healthcare Use and Lifestyle on Outcomes (BRIGHT)
CA Becker, Jason 1R01HL136824-01A1 7/1/2017 Cell State Specific Modifiers of Pathological Cardiac Remodeling
CP Stein, C. Michael 2T32GM007569-42 7/1/2017 Clinical Pharmacology Training Program
AP Carrier, Erica 1R01HL135011-01A1 7/01/2017 Role of the thromboxane prostanoid receptor in right ventricular adaptation to pressure overload
DE Powers, Al 2P30DK020593-40 6/16/2017 Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center
EP Dai, Qi 1R01DK110166-01A1 5/5/2017 Calcium: magnesium balance, microbiota, and necroptosis and inflammation
AP Shaver, Ciara 1K08HL136888-01 5/1/2017 Mechanisms of airspace inflammation caused by cell-free hemoglobin during ARDS
AP Bernard, Gordon 2T32HL087738-12 5/1/2017 Clinical and Translational Training Program in Pulmonary Medicine
CP Glazer, Andrew 1F32HL137385-01 By: 9/30/2017 High-throughput Discovery of Pathogenic Cardiac Sodium Channel Variants
ID Smith, Scott 1R01AI130459-01 4/6/2017 Antigenic landscape of the human helminth IgE antibody response
GI Coffey, Bob 1R35CA197570-01A1 4/1/2017 Integrated approach to study early and late events in colonic neoplasia: mouse to man
CP Murray, Kathy 1R01HL133127-01A1 4/1/2017 Novel Pathophysiological Targets in Atrial Fibrillation Susceptibility
NP de Caestecker, Mark 1R01DK112688-01A1 4/1/2017 Mechanisms and therapeutic manipulation of retinoic acid signaling in Acute Kidney Injury
IM Mayberry, Lindsay 1R03DK113329-01 3/1/2017 Diabetes-Specific Family Functioning among Adults: Types, Predictors, and Outcomes
ID Koethe, John 1R01DK112262-01 2/15/2017 The Role of Adipose-resident T cells in HIV-associated Glucose Intolerance
CP Kroncke, Brett 1K99HL135442-01 2/15/2017 SCN5A (Nav1.5): Predicting the Consequence of Missense Single- Nucleotide
ID Phillips, Elizabeth 1R13AR071267-01 2/1/2017 Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidural Necrolysis 2017: Building Multidisciplinary Networks to Drive Science and Translation
CA Lal, Hind 1R01HL133290-01A1 2/1/2017 Signaling mechanisms governing myocardial fibrosis in diseased heart
NP Hudson, Billy 2R01DK065138-15A1 2/1/2017 Glucose Modifications of Proteins in Diabetic Nephropathy
CP Gomez, Jose 1K01HL135461-01 1/1/2017 Sox6 Role in Renin Expression During Juxtaglomerular Cells Expansion
RH Major, Amy 1R03AI124190-01A1 1/1/2017 Targeting the T cell immune synapse in autoimmunity
EP Hull, Pamela Carmen 1R01CA207401-01A1 12/20/2016 Increasing HPV Vaccine Uptake In Community-Based Pediatric Practices
ID Smith, Scott A. 1R21AI123307-01A1 12/19/2016 Generation And Characterization Of Full-Length Naturally Occurring Allergen-Specific Human IGE MABS
AP Peebles, Ray Stokes 1R01AI124456-01A1 12/6/2016 GLP-1R Signaling In Allergic Inflammation
AP Brummel, Nathan 1K76AG054864-01 9/30/2016 Long Term Outcomes of Physical Activity in Older Adults with Critical Illness
CP Madhur, Meena 1DP2HL137166-01 9/30/2016 Immunophenotyping of Human Hypertension Using Single Cell Multiplex Mass Cytometry to Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets
GE Southard-Smith, E. Michelle  1OT2TR001971-01 9/27/2016 ENSMAP: Molecular and Functional Mapping of the Enteric Nervous System
IM Elasy, Tom 2P30DK092986-07 9/20/2016 Vanderbilt Center for Diabetes Translation Research
HO Johnson, Doug 1K23CA204726-01A1 09/20/2016 Predicting and profiling long-term survival after immune checkpoint inhibition
DE Powers, Al 1UC4DK112232-01 09/20/2016 Integrated Program for Human Pancreas Procurement and Analysis
GE Ruderfer, Douglas 1R01MH111776-01 09/20/2016 Transcriptional Consequences Of Structural Variation In Brains Of Schizophrenia Patients
EP Shu, XIAO-Ou 1P20CA210300-01 09/20/2016 Regional Center of Research Excellence in Cancer and Other Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Prevention in Vietnam
IM Birdee, Gurjeet Singh 1R61AT009340-01 09/15/2016 Breathing Interventions for Relaxation: Dosing through Extended Exhale
NP Breyer, Rich 1R56HL127218-01A1 09/15/2016 PGE2 signaling in Hypertension: The role of EP receptors in the immune system
EP Fowke, Jay 1P20DK112080-01 09/15/2016 Vanderbilt Developmental Center for Translational Research in Benign Urologic Diseases
CA Segrest, Jere 1P01HL128203-01A1 09/15/2016 Multidisciplinary Approaches to HDL Structure, Assembly and Function
DE Wellons, Melissa Fair 1R03HL135453-01 09/15/2016 Trajectory of Anti-Mullerian Hormone Decline and CVD Risk in CARDIA Women
CA Beckman, Joshua 1R01HL131977-01 09/07/2016 The Impact of Diabetes on Revascularization in BEST-CLI
ID Kalams Spryos 1R21AI127129-01 09/05/2016 Molecular analysis of the adaptive immune response to tuberculosis
AP Blackwell, Tim 1R01HL131906-01 09/01/2016 Imaging Activated Macrophages in the Lungs
ID Aronoff, David M. 1R21TR001723-01 09/01/2016 Repurposing misoprostol for Clostridium difficile colitis as identified by PheWAS
CA Wang, Tommy 1R01HL133860-01 09/01/2016 Tissue Sodium, Inflammation, and Blood Pressure in MESA

Other AWARDS (New, Competing)



Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Start Date


Department of Defense AP Blackwell, Timothy W81XWH-17-1-0442 09-30-2017 Herpesviruses and Immune Dysregulation in Pulmonary Fibrosis
Department of Defense AP Polosukhin, Vasiliy V. W81XWH-17-1-0503 09-15-2017 Constrictive Bronchiolitis in Previously Deployed Soldiers
Edward P. Evans Foundation HO Savona, Michael R.   09-01-2017 The Role of MCL-1 in Myelodysplasic Syndromes
Cardiovascular Medical Research and Education Fund AP Hemnes, Anna R.   09-01-2017 Imatinib in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs HO Haake, Scott M. CA160728P2 09-01-2017 CA160728P2: Prognostic and Predictive Markers of Immunogenicity in Renal Cell Carcinoma
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs HO Rathmell, Wendy K. CA160728P1 09-01-2017 CA160728P1: Prognostic and Predictive Markers of Immunogenicity in Renal Cell Carcinoma
 Bayer NP Harris, Ray   08/02/2017 Bayer Pharma AG Research Collaboration
Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders HO Sharma, Deva   2017 FWGBD Research Award Program 07-01-2017 Epidemiologic study of acute vaso-occlusive pain associated with menstruation
American Heart Association CP Xiao, Liang   17SDG33670829 07-01-2017 Sympathetic regulation of memory T cells in repeated hypertension
American Heart Association CA Wells, Quinn S. 17IBDG33780015 07-01-2017 Genomics-based Drug Repurposing and Drug Target Discovery in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation AP Noto, Michael J. NOTO17Q0 07-01-2017 Broad-spectrum suppression of bacterial pneumonia by A. baumannii mutants
The Stanley Cohen Innovation Fund ID Smith, Scott   07-01-2017 Therapeutic repurposing of naturally occurring human peanut-specific IgE monoclonal antibodies
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation RH Edwards, Deanna  PDF17480733 06-13-2017 Targeting the EphA2-YAP/TAZ Signaling Axis in Human Breast Cancer
March of Dimes ID Aronoff, David M. 6-FY17-295 06-01-2017 Defining Macrophage contributions to immune responses during chorioamnionitis
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company CA Moslehi, Javid J. 33256097 05-12-2017 Education Program: To Improve awareness and management of myotoxicity in patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation CA Lindman, Brian R. 2014106 04-26-2017 Novel Prediction Models for Patient-Centered Clinical Outcomes after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement for Aortic Stenosis
United States Department of Agriculture EP Hull, Pamela C. 2017-68001-26352 04-15-2017 Children Eating Well (CHEW) Smartphone Application for WIC Families
American Heart Association CP Brown, Nancy J. 17SFRN33520059 04-01-2017 Toward Obesity Precision Medicine: Promise of the Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor:  Clinical Project
American Heart Association DE Niswender, Kevin D. 17SFRN33520017 04-01-2017 Toward Obesity Precision Medicine: Promise of the Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor
American Heart Association GE Cox, Nancy J. 17SFRN33590035 04-01-2017 Toward Obesity Precision Medicine: Promise of the Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor:  Translational Project
American Heart Association DE Niswender, Kevin D. 17SFRN33560015 04-01-2017 Toward Obesity Precision Medicine: Promise of the Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor:  Center Director
Burroughs Wellcome Foundation NP Bhave, Gautam B. 1017321 01/07/2017 ASMB/Vanderbilt Workshop on Basement Membranes
American Heart Association CP Itani, Hana A. 17SDG33410261 01/01/2017 The Role of Immunological Memory in Hypertension
American Heart Association/Greater Southeast Affiliate CP Gomez-Hurtado, Maria De Las Nieves 17POST33370021 01/01/2017 Calmodulin in Sudden Cardiac Death
V Foundation for Cancer Research DE Blind, Raymond D. 000 11/01/2016 Nuclear lipids as hepatocellular carcinoma biomarkers
V Foundation for Cancer Research HO Balko,J ustin Micah V2016-012 11/01/2016 Maximizing neo-antigens in cancer by epigenetic modulation: improving responses to immunotherapy
American Association for Cancer Research HO Croessmann, Sarah   11/01/2016 SABCS Clinical Scholars Award
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs CA Hatzopoulos, Antonis W81XWH-16-1-0622 09/01/2016 PR151029P1 Cellular plasticity in the diabetic myocardium
Pfizer Foundation GI Schwartz, David A. 000 09/01/2016 IBD Visiting Professorship - Grand Rounds Speakers
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs HO Morgans, Alicia K. W81XWH-16-1-0554 09/01/2016 PC150398 Patient-Centered Treatment Decision-Making in Advanced Prostate Cancer