Recent Grant Awards in the Department of Medicine

Updated: 04/04/2019

NIH AWARDS (New, Competing)


Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Budget Start Date

Project Title

CP Diedrich, Andre 1R01HL142583-01A1 09/01/19 Autonomic Determinants of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
CA Song, WenLiang 1K08HL145075-01 09/01/19 Impact of Dysfunctional HDL on Platelet Function and in vivo Thrombosis
NP Vanacore, Robert 2R01DK099467-07 04/03/19 The role of lysyl oxidase like-2 in chronic kidney disease
HO Balko, Justin 1R01CA227481-01A1 04/01/19 (PQ8) Patient- and tumor-specific biomarkers and mechanisms that predict irAEs
resulting from checkpoint inhibition
RH Chung, Cecilia 1R01AR073764-01A1 04/01/19 Comparative Safety of Pain Medications
EP Shu, Xiang 1K99CA230205-01A1 04/01/2019 Uncovering roles of metabolites in colorectal cancer etiology
NP Brooks, Craig 1R01DK121101-01 04/01/2019 The role of cyclin G1 in chronic kidney disease
CA Ferguson, Jane 1R01HL142856-01A1 04/01/2019 Virtual metabolomics as a discovery tool for novel cardiometabolic disease biology
AP Peebles, Stokes 1R01AI145265-01 03/20/2019 PGI2 augments Treg function
IM Martinez, William 1R03DK119735-01 03/20/2019 Design Sprint and Usability Testing of a Patient-Facing Diabetes Dashboard
Embedded in an Existing Patient Portal Mobile App
ID Celada, Lindsay 1K01HL145338-01 03/15/2019 CD8+ T cell dysfunction promotes sarcoidosis progression
HO Berlin, Jordan 1UG1CA233270-01 03/07/2019 Vanderbilt Network Lead Academic Participating Site for the NCTN
CP Knollmann, Bjorn 1R35HL144980-01 03/06/2019 Toward a Mechanism-Based Approach to Treating Cardiac Arrhythmia
GI Peek, Rich 2P01CA116087-12 03/01/2019 H. pylori-induced Inflammation and Gastric Cancer
GE Below, Jennifer 1R01AG061351-01 03/01/2019 Functional genetic analyses of existing data resources to expand AD gene discovery
ID Kalams, Spyros 1R01AI142095-01 03/01/2019 Single cell molecular analysis of influenza vaccine responses in elderly individuals
AP West, James 2R01HL095797-10 03/01/2019 Interventions Against the Molecular Etiology of BMPR2-induced PAH
AP Wu, Pinghsheng 1R01AI143710-01 02/12/2019 The effectiveness of RSV immunoprophylaxis on the short- and long- term respiratory morbidity in children with Down syndrome
GE Ruderfer, Doug 1R01MH116269-01A1  02/05/2019 2/2 Leveraging electronic health records for pharmacogenomics of psychiatric disorders
GE Southard-Smith, Michelle 1R01DK120025-01  02/01/2019 Serotonin signaling in control of the Lower Urinary Tract
NP Harris, Ray (Contact); Mingzhi Zhang 2R01DK062794-16A1  02/01/2019 The Role of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension
CP Phillips, Elizabeth 1R13AR074889-01  01/25/2019 Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis 2019: From Science to Translation
RH Aune, Thomas 1R21AI144193-01  01/15/2019 Alu RNAs and double-stranded RNA sensors
EP Shu, XIAO-Ou 1R01CA227133-01A1 01/01/2019 Use of Circulating MicroRNAs for Early Detection and Risk Assessment for Pancreatic Cancer
IM Roumie, Christianne 1K12HS026395-01 09/30/2018 Learning Health System Scholar Program at Vanderbilt
NP Pozzi, Ambra 1R01DK119212-01 09/25/2018 Matrix receptors in chronic kidney disease
GI Coffey, Robert (contact); Shrubsole, Martha; Lau, Ken 1U2CCA233291-01 09/20/2018 Integrative Single-Cell Atlas of Host and Microenvironment in Colorectal Neoplastic Transformation
HO Warner, Jeremy 1U01CA231840-01 09/18/2018 Network Analysis for a Data-Driven Approach to Cancer Care
GR Dugan, Laura 1R01AG058856-01 09/15/2018 Inflammatory Mechanisms Underlie Lysosome Failure in the Aging Brain
CA Moslehi, Javed 1R56HL141466-01 09/15/2018 Novel mechanisms and predictors of VEGF receptor inhibitor-associated
CP Perrien, Dan 1R01AR073874-01 09/10/2018 The contribution of innate immunity to heterotopic ossification in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
EP Guo, Xingyi 1R37CA227130-01A1 09/04/2018 Transcriptome-wide association study to identify susceptibility genes for colorectal cancer
CA Diedrich, Andre 1R56HL142583-01 09/01/2018 Autonomic Determinants of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
CA Chung, Cecilia 1R01GM126535-01A1 09/01/2018 A Personalized Medicine Approach to Improve the Prediction of Azathioprine Toxicity
NP Umeukeje, Ebele 1K23DK114566-01A1 09/01/2018 Patient-centered Approach To Improving Dialysis Adherence in African Americans
CA Collins, Sheila 1R01DK116625-01 08/22/18 Dissecting PKA activation of mTORC1 and its function in adipose tissue
CA Freiberg, Matt 1K12HL143956-01 08/15/18 Vanderbilt SCHolars in HIV and Heart, Lung, Blood, and Sleep ReSearch (VSCHoLARS, K12)
AP Hartert, Tina 1R01AI136526-01A1 08/07/18 Leukotriene modifying agents in the prevention of excess morbidity and mortality from influenza
EP Yu, Danica 1R21HL140375-01A1 08/05/18 Levels of trimethylamine metabolites and their associations with dietary intakes and cardiometabolic biomarkers: the TMAO Pooling Project
ID Sterling, Tim 1R56AI118361-01A1 08/03/18 Fluoroquinolones and Efflux-Mediated Cross Resistance in HIV-related TB
AP Cahil, Katherine 7K23AI118804-05 08/01/18 The Role Of Prostaglandin D2 In The Respiratory Symptoms Of
Aspirin Exacerbated Respiratory Disease
NP Harris, Ray 2R01NR015079-05 08/01/18 Imaging Biomarkers of Lymphatic Dysfunction
NP Abdel-Kader, Khaled 1R01DK116957-01A1 08/01/18 PopulAtioN health management to OPTImize Care in CKD (PANOPTIC-CKD)
DE Dean, Erica Danielle 1K01DK117969-01 08/01/18 Amino acid regulation of pancreatic islet alpha cell proliferation and function
HO Rathmell, Kim 1T32CA217834-01A1 08/01/18 VIMORTP (Vanderbilt Integrated Molecular Oncology Research Training Program)
CO Luther, James M 1R01DK117875-01 08/01/18 Variation in Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Activity and Human Insulin Sensitivity
CA Ferguson, Jan 1R01DK117144-01A1 08/01/18 Determinants of alpha-aminoadipic acid (2-AAA) and relationship to diabetes
GE Below, Jennifer (contact); Kraft, Shelly Jo 1R01DC017175-01  08/01/18 Developmental stuttering: Population-based genetic discovery
AP Semler, Matt 1K23HL143053-01 07/05/18 Oxygen Saturation Targets during Mechanical Ventilation of Critically Ill Adults: A Clinical Trial
IM Roumie, Christianne (contact); Grijalva, Carlos 1T32HS026122-01 07/01/2018 Learning Health System training program: PROgRESS--Patient/ pRactice Outcomes and Research in Effectiveness and Systems Science
AP Blackwell, Timothy S 2T32HL094296-11 07/01/2018 Interdisciplinary Training Program in Lung Research

Other AWARDS (New, Competing)



Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Start Date


American Gastroenterological Association GI Shah, Shailja   04/01/2019 Defining host-specific genetic and non-genetic determinants of Helicobacter pylori eradication failure using a large prospective cohort and genomic biobank
American Gastroenterological Association GI Yachimski, Patrick   04/01/2019 Whipcord Automated Necrosectomy Debridement (WAND) device: prototype development and ex vivo testing
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation HO Mayer, Ingrid A SAC180084 03/01/2019 Large scale profiling of triple-negative breast cancer and implications for clinical outcome
American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy NP Woodard, Lauren E   0/01/2019 Treatment of acute kidney injury via in situ reprogramming
American Cancer Society HO de Cubas, Aguirre A PF-18-183-01-TBG 01/01/2019 Functional genomic interrogation of SETD2
American Heart Association CP Wang, Lili 19POST34380182 01/01/2019 Arrhythmia mechanisms of HCM-linked tropinin T mutations in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
American Heart Association CP Van Beusecum, Justin   19POST34380779 01/01/2019 The role of salt and SGK1 on NADPH oxidase stabilization in dendritic cells in hypertension
American Heart Association CA Huang, Jiansheng   19POST34450266 01/01/2019 Role of MDA-HDL in atherosclerosis and effects of scavenging reactive aldehydes on HDL function and atherosclerosis
American Heart Association CA Umbarkar, Prachi   19POST34460025 01/01/2019 Role of GSK3a in regulation of myocardial fibrosis
American Thoracic Society AP Shaver, Ciara M   12/15/2018 Consequences of lung epithelial injury after lung transplantation
V Foundation for Cancer Research HO Philip, Mary   V2018-006 11/01/2018 Rewiring dysfunctional tumor-specific CD8 T cells into cancer killer
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation GI Brissova, Marcela   2-SRA-2019-699-S-B 11/01/2018 RESTORING PANCREATIC ALPHA CELL FUNCTION TO IMPROVE METABOLIC CONTROL IN TYPE 1 DIABETES
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs AP Jackson, James C W81XWH-18-1-0814 09/30/2018 Addressing Post Intensive Care Syndrome among Survivors of Acute Lung Injury
Department of Defense CP Johnson, Rachelle W W81XWH-18-1-0029 09/30/2018 Targeting histone modifications to promote LIFR and tumor dormancy
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs CP Bastarache, Julie A W81XWH-18-1-0683 09/15/2018 Shedding of alveolar heparan sulfate mediates epithelial dysfunction in experimental and human ARDS
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs GI Wilson, Keith T W81XWH-18-1-0301 09/01/2018 Novel Intervention for Helicobacter pylori-Induced Stomach Cancer: Chemoprevention by Scavengers of Electrophiles
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation HO Balko, Justin Micah CCRCR18552647 08/01/2018 Breast tumor MHC-II expression guides breast cancer response to immunotherapy
Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research ID Chioma, Ozioma S   07/02/2018 Investigation of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis Microbiome According to Clinical Outcome
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation AP Kropski, Jonathan A 2018099 07/01/2018 Mechanisms of Disease Initiation and Propagation in Pulmonary Fibrosis
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society HO Savona, Michael R #2321-19 070/1/2018 Manipulation of Cell Fate in Myeloid Disease
American Association for Cancer Research HO Rathmell, Wendy K 18-60-36-RATH 07/01/2018 Immunosuppression in the RCC tumor microenvironment
American Heart Association CP Shibao, Cyndya A 18IPA34110172 07/01/2018 Orthostatic Intolerance after Bariatric Surgery
American Heart Association CA Nam, Young-Jae   18IPA34110341 07/01/2018 Identifying the regulators for myofibroblast de-differentiation
American Heart Association CA Galindo, Cristi L 18IPA34170062 07/01/2018 Mechanisms and assessment of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) as treatment for Duchenne Cardiomyopathy
American Heart Association CA Allen, Ryan M 18IPA34180005 07/01/2018 A Novel Paradigm for LDL-Associated Extracellular Small RNA in the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis
American Heart Association CP Ruggeri Barbaro, Natalia   18POST34020009 07/01/2018 The role of dendritic cells in salt sensitive hypertension
American Heart Association CP Roden, Dan Mark 18SFRN34110369 07/01/2018 Atrial Fibrillation Network, SFRN
American Heart Association CP Roden, Dan Mark 18SFRN34230089 07/01/2018 Roden Population Project: Identifying AF subtypes driven by...
American Heart Association CA Murray, Katherine T 18SFRN34230125 07/01/2018 Murray Basic Project: Reactive lipid metabolites as mediators of...
American Heart Association CA Michaud, Gregory F 18SFRN34230132 07/01/2018 Michaud Clinical Project: A first-in-AF trial of a reactive lipid
American Thrombosis & Hemostasis Network HO Green, Jennifer R   07/01/2018 Vanderbilt Hemostasis-Thrombosis Clinic Data Quality Award 10.1
Infectious Diseases Society of America ID Staub, Milner B   07/01/2018 An Assessment of Outpatient Antimicrobial Prescription Across Tennessee Based on Practice Location, Specialty and Provider
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs HO Balko, Justin Micah W81XWH-18-1-0149 6/15/2018 Translating immunotherapy to breast cancer: mechanisms, biomarkers, and rationally-designed therapeutic combinations