Education Workgroup

 Mission Statement: 

To promote excellence in education for all learners in the Hospital settings by:  promoting educational opportunities across the continuum of learners in the hospital including patients, medical students, residents, faculty, and ancillary staffing; identifying and disseminating existing resources; developing new resources that respond to prevailing deficiencies; and define specific, targeted goals to complete on an annual basis that promote the overall educational growth of the Section of Hospital Medicine.


David Walsh, MD

L. Tyson Heller, MD

Ed Vasilevskis, MD, MPH, FHM


Schedule or Calendar for the Year:

Jan 20th - procedure service update

March 17th - teaching pathophysiology

April 21st - open

May 19th - Workgroup meeting - procedure service

June 16th - Teaching physical exam


Current Open Projects (name, lead(s),  area of focus, brief description):

Procedure service

Leads: L. Tyson Heller, David Walsh

Brief Description: The creation of a bedside procedure consultation service with the following goals:

1. To improve confidence and competence amongst medical students, residents, and faculty in the performance of standard bedside medical procedures. 

2. To improve procedural-related patient outcomes and satisfaction by increasing the percentage of procedures successfully completed, decreasing the number of attempts per each procedure, and decreasing the frequency of minor and major procedure-related complications. 

3. To create a comprehensive curriculum that standardizes the teaching and performance of bedside procedures through on-line modules, CELA simulations, and hands-on elective rotations that emphasize the procedure process from onset to termination including medical decision making, consent, technical skills, management of common complications, diagnostic test ordering as well as the interpretation of their results. 

>> For more information, go to: Center for Experiential Learning and Assessment (CELA)


Opioid prescribing Education Project

Leads: David Walsh in collaboration with Anesthesia 

Brief Description: The study that will focus on:

1. opioid and non-opioid adjunct prescribing habits during hospitalizations and upon discharge 

2. before and after an educational intervention using QuizTime, a smartphone technology created at Vanderbilt.