Endocrinology Fellowship Program History

The Vanderbilt Endocrine Clinical Fellowship Program was begun by Dr. Grant Liddle in 1956.


Dr. Liddle was chief of the Vanderbilt Division of Endocrinology until 1968.


Over a 30-year period, 81% of M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. trainees have gone on to academic, industry
or government careers. Over the last 10 years, 91% have gone on to such positions.


Current Leadership
Division Chief: Alvin C. Powers, M.D. »
Program Director: James M. May, M.D. »
Associate Program Director: Kathryn McCrystal Dahir, M.D. »

Program Manager: Lori "Jan" Botts Hicks »

Vanderbilt Fellowship Clinical Program in Endocrinology...History Snapshot


                   ...training Endocrine Fellows since 1956 with over 200 Program graduates.


2016 Faculty Award: Grant W. Liddle Award » (awarded in even years)