2016 - 2017

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512 Light Hall   8:30AM-9:30AM






Brandon S. Davies 

Regulators of the LPL: The awkwardly keepers of the fat gate

9/27/2016 Anna Diklalova

Sirtuin 3 Inactivation and SOD2 Hyperacetylation in Vascular Oxidative Stress and Hypertension

10/04/2016 Rafal Nazarewicz

Mitochondrial metabolism and ROS in the regulation of pro-inflammatory macrophage functions

10/11/2016 Venkataraman Amarnath


10/18/2016 Meenakshi Madhur

Hypertension – What’s Your Goal?

10/25/2016 Luis Okamoto

Autonomic Contribution to Blood Pressure Regulation: Role of the Splanchnic Veins

11/01/2016 Fernando Elijovich



Kyungsoo Kim

Daniel Blackwell

Pannexin1 channels trigger action potentials in cardiomyocytes

Antidepressant drugs citalopram and escitalopram induce arrythmogenic sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium release

11/15/2016   cancelled

Natalia Barbaro

Jason Foss

High Salt Promotes Conversion Of Monocytes Into Dendritic Cells Via Formation Of Immunogenic Isolevuglandin (IsoLG)

Proinflammatory and Prohypertensive Effects of High Salt on Dendritic Cells

11/29/2016 Carlos Henrique Serezani

Putting out the fire during cytokine storm in sepsis

12/6/2016 James F. Martin, MD, PhD Hippo Signaling in Heart Development and Regeneration
12/13/2016 Julie Sterling Investigating how the physical and cellular bone microenvironment contributes to tumor-induced bone destruction
12/20 & 27/2016 No Grand Rounds  

Jennifer L. Goldman, M.D.

Pediatric adverse drug reactions: New perspectives on old problems
01/17/2017 Amandau Gaye Study of microRNA expression in severe hypertensive African Americans from the MHGRID project
01/24/2017 Princess Imoukhuede Predicting VEGFR-mediated cell response via protein-protein interaction kinetics and concentrations
01/31/2017 Scott Hubers The Cardiovascular Effects of Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP4) Inhibition
02/07/2017 Cyndya Shibao Cardiometabolic Syndrome in African Americans. Neuro-metabolic mechanism
02/14/2017 Scott Guelcher In Situ Bone Tissue Engineering
02/21/2017 Rachelle Johnson Targeting leukemia inhibitory factor signaling in bone metastatic breast cancer
02/28/2017 No Conference  
03/07/2017 No Conference  
03/14/2017 Cheryl Laffer  Morbidity, Mortality and Improvement  Conference
03/21/2017 Jesse Williams

Tracking Macrophages in Atherosclerosis; New Insights from Multiphoton and PET Imaging Approaches

03/28/2017 William B. Campbell Macrophage 12/15-Lipoxygenase: Link Between Immunity and Hypertension
04/04/2017 Elena Galkina T-cell Plasticity in Atherosclerosis
04/11/2017 Dan Perrien

“Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva – Imprisoned by the Innate Immune System”

04/18/2017 David Pearce

“SGK1 and ion transport: Physiologic roles and underlying mechanisms”

04/25/2017 No Grand Rounds  
05/02/2017 Veronique Lefebvre

“SOXcessful Skeletogenesis”

05/09/2017 Nancy J. Brown

“Cardiovascular effects of incretin-based anti-diabetic therapies”

05/16/2017 Conor Lynch

“Mechanistic, Translational and Modeling approaches for the treatment of cancer induced bone disease”

05/23/2017 Curt Sigmond  
05/30/2017 No Grand Rounds  





9/1/2015 David Harrison "Inflammation, Immunity and Hypertension"
9/8/2015 Holiday No Grand Rounds today
9/15/2015 Michelle Ormseth  “HDL Dysfunction in Rheumatoid Arthritis”
9/22/2015 Jens M. Titze "A ureotelic concept of body fluid homeostasis and blood  pressure control"
9/29/2015 Sergey Dikalov

Doctor, why is my blood pressure so high? - You have  mitochondrial oxidative stress disease..."

10/6/2015 Olivier Boutaud

“From Pain to Mitochondrial Function: the Never Ending Story of Acetaminophen”


Jason Foss

Fanny Laroumanie

“The pro-inflammatory effects of salt in hypertension.”/

“Role of lymphocyte adaptor protein  LNK in aortic dissection and rupture.”

10/20/2015 Jun Dai

“Diet, Cardiometabolic Risk and Coronary Heart Disease"

10/27/2015 Jose Gomez

“A new role of Sox6 in renin regulation”

11/3/2015 Alan R. Brash "The Critical Role of Linoleic acid in the Mammalian Epidermal Barier"
11/24/2015 Hak-Joon Sung "Hemodynamic Targeting Stimuli Responsive Therapeutic Delivery to Atheroprone Vasculature"
12/1/2015 Kento Kitada High-salt diet induces catabolic urea formation and muscle wasting to regulate body fluid homeostasis
12/8/2015 Sakthivel Sadayappan Molecular basis of familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: translation to clinical practice
12/15/2015 No Grand Rounds  
12/22/2015 No Grand Rounds  
12/29/2015 No Grand Rounds  
1/5/2016 No Grand Rounds  
1/12/2016 Nancy Cox Data Integration: Genome X Transcriptome X EHR
1/19/2016 Jennifer Kwong Mitochondrial Control of Cell Life and Death Decisions in the Heart
1/26/2016 Cecilia Chung Opioid Toxicity in Children: Insights from Pharmacoepidemiology
2/2/2016 Joseph Prinsen A novel pathway in the pathogenesis of atrial fibrillation
2/9/2016 Emily Garland Failure of Renal Dopamine to Modulate Sodium Excretion
2/16/2016 Abiodun Adefurin/ Takahito Chiba Genetic Determinants of Hyperglycemia after Myocardial Infarction  /  Biochemistry of Lipoxygenases in Skin Barrier Function and Identification of a Novel Ichthyosis Gene
2/23/2016 Thomas J. Wang New perspectives on the natriuretic peptide system and cardiovascular health
3/1/2016 Andre Diedrich Dip or NonDip in Pots. What makes the difference
3/8/2016 Cheryl Laffer MM & I
3/15/2016 Jean-Sebastian Hulot Modeling complex pharmacogenetic
traits using iPS Cells
3/22/2016 No conference  
3/29/2016 Dontscho Kerjaschki High salt intake leads to metabolic and cardiovascular estivation

Lili Wang/

Christopher Johnson

Electrophysiological Properties of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes Cultured on a Flexible Matrigel Substrate
4/12/2016 David A. Zidar

High salt intake leads to metabolic and cardiovascular estivation

4/19/2016 no conference  
4/26/2016 Alicia A Md Donough Maintaining Balance under Pressure: Intrarenal Mechanisms Controlling Blood Pressure and Potassium Homeostasis
5/3/2016 Juan Antonio Gimenez bastida/ Hemiketals from the 5LOX/COX2 cross-over pathway. Biosynthesis, quantification and biological effects.
5/10/2016 Edwin K Jackson Discovery of a New Class of Non-Canonical Cyclic Nucleotides: From the Kidney and Back Again
5/17/2016 no conference  
5/24/2016 Andrew Lassar Chondrocyte mechanotransduction and a source of progenitor cells for articular cartilage
5/31/2016 no conference