Hospital Medicine News

Creation of a Hospital Medicine Service Handover Tool

Dr. Meg Zofutto
April 24, 2017

For hospitalists, communication about patient care needs is a crucial part of the job.  Hospitalists coordinate complex care among all inpatient providers, including nurses, case managers, and social workers.  It is very important to us that details regarding a patient's diagnosis and care plan while hospitalized are clear to the patient  as well as these other providers.  Therefore, hospitalists want to focus on these critical details to avoid information being lost when hospitalists transition patient care to another physician. 

VUMC Procedure Service

Dr. Tyson Heller
April 24, 2017

At Vanderbilt we recognize that learning from experience is the dominant source for improving our knowledge and building our confidence, and we seek to find areas in which to improve the learner experience for that end goal. We have recognized through multiple surveys and literature reviews that formal bedside procedural training and standardized instruction in the performance of bedside procedures has dramatically decreased in residency programs and medical schools across the nation and on our own campus.