Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Section at Vanderbilt

The Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Section at Vanderbilt University consists of faculty, residents, and staff committed to providing care and advancing scholarship that benefits families, adults and children. Our primary goal is to foster compassionate delivery of health care, patient advocacy, and scholarship to improve the health of the community. Faculty in our Section are board certified in both Adult Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Our Section currently includes 10 core faculty, 2 fellows, and 16 residents. Faculty, fellows and residents provide primary care to families, adults and children, and also provide care for many conditions that span pediatric and adult medicine including diabetes, congenital heart disease, downs syndrome, sports medicine, cancer, and palliative care. Our faculty also perform research and other scholarship related to chronic disease management, adolescent health, transitions in health care, integrative medicine, obesity, diabetes, quality improvement, medical education, and other issues. Our residents complete 4 years of combined training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Subsequently residents practice general Med-Peds in academic or community settings, enter combined subspecialty training, or train in academic research careers.

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The Vanderbilt Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program is a four year program dedicated to training compassionate physicians who are prepared as exceptional generalists to become leaders in medicine in many arenas- the community, the academic arena, the world of research, and the third world.

We hope to describe our goals and aspirations clearly in our mission statement. We hope to introduce ourselves to you with our profiles of our residents and faculty. We have outlined our curriculum and conference opportunities. And there is a welcome message and introduction from our program director, Dr. Sandra Moutsios.

We have added some resources for students such as links to needed medicine, pediatrics and med-peds sites, and contact information about applying to our program.

We are pleased you are interested in med-peds and hope to assist you with providing information about our program as well as about med-peds as a training opportunity. Please contact us if you have further questions. Read on!