Takahashi, Takamune , M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant professor
Primary Department:
Dept. of Medicine
Nephrology and Hypertension
Office Address:
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 1161 21st Avenue South S-3223 Medical Center North Nashville TN 37232-2372
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Undergraduate School & Degree:
M.D., Jikei University School of Medicine
Medical School & Degree:
Ph.D., (Medical Science), Jikei University School of Medicine
Graduate School & Degree:
Post Doctoral Training Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


Molecular Basis of Developmental and Pathological Angiogenesis.

Research Focus:

Formation of vascular network is a dynamic and coordinated process that importantly supports organogenesis and tissue regeneration. It requires ordered endothelial cell differentiation, proliferation, migration, homotypic and heterotypic intercellular adhesion and morphogenesis. Further, when vessel growth is dysregulated, it has a major impact on our health and contributes to numerous malignant, ischemic and inflammatory disorders. Definition of the intrinsic molecular controls that regulate angiogenic blood vessel growth promises novel therapeutic approaches for a variety of diseases including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
In recent decades, the efforts identifying the angiogenic factors have identified the endothelial cell surface receptors that evoke and coordinate vessel formation. However, little is known about the functional endothelial receptors that transduce "angiostatic" signals. We have advanced the hypothesis that receptor tyrosine phosphatases (RPTPs) signal endothelial cell growth arrest upon cell-cell contacts, through juxtacrine contact with counter-receptors. We have identified CD148 (DEP-1/PTPeta) as a RPTP abundantly expressed in vascular endothelial cells. Our recent works demonstrated important roles of CD148 to: 1) arrest endothelial cell growth with cell density, 2) stabilize endothelial cell junctions, and 3) promote vascular maturation (pericyte investment).
To define the mechanism through CD148 regulates endothelial cell growth on cell-cell contacts and to know role of CD148 in postnatal angiogenesis (adaptive and pathologic), we are currently working on the projects to: 1) Map the extracellular CD148 subdomain responsible for mediating functional intermolecular associations to control CD148 activity, 2) Identify the functional ligand, 3) Define the physiological substrate and downstream signaling pathways, 4) Define the membrane receptor that associates with CD148, 5) Define the role of CD148 in postnatal angiogenic blood vessel growth (conditional knockout/transgenic experiments using inducible Cre mice). These efforts will explore a novel pathway that regulates endothelial cell growth through CD148, and will promise new strategies for anti-angiogenesis therapy. .


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