Clinical Trials Center

The Clinical Trials Center, established following the successful completion of the NIH sponsored Modification of Diet and Renal Disease Study (MDRD), is currently conducting multi-center clinical trials in the areas of kidney disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Clinical Research Activities:

  • Preventing the progression of kidney disease, with special interest in hypertensive nephrosclerosis and diabetic nephropathy
  • Improving dialytic therapies
  • Reversing and shortening the course of acute renal failure
  • Ameliorating the effects of chronic renal failure
  • Examining new immunosuppressive agents for renal transplant recipients

Drs. Julia Lewis and Gerald Schulman are co-directors of the Clinical Trials Center and are supported by a staff experienced in clinical trials research. Advisor and Founder of the Clinical Trials Center is Paul E. Teschan, M.D.


Julia Lewis, MD
Gerald Schulman, MD, FASN
Jamie P. Dwyer, MD
Thomas Golper, MD
Harold Helderman, MD
Anthony Langone, MD
Heidi Schaefer, MD



Administrative Director

Mohammed Sika, Ph.D.


Support Staff

Edwina McNeill-Simaan, MS, CCRP, CCRCMalia Reed, RN
Tiffany McCray

Administrative Support

Ewanda Leavell, AS


Division of Nephrology
Medical Arts Building, Room 215, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
(1211 21st Avenue South), Nashville, TN 37232-1371
Phone: 615-936-1179, Fax: 615-936-1308