Date PostedArticle
10/12/2018 Asthma’s androgen connection
10/12/2018 Targeting diabetic kidney disease
10/11/2018 Novel genetic study sheds new light on risk of heart attack
10/11/2018 Team’s study reveals hidden lives of medical biomarkers
10/04/2018 Study reveals new targets to inhibit pulmonary fibrosis
09/27/2018 Stretch, inflammation and hypertension
09/27/2018 Cancer Moonshot award to help map tumor progression
09/27/2018 Clinic helps adults clarify true status of penicillin allergy
09/21/2018 New HIV research training program launched
09/14/2018 Diabetes drug may prevent cancer
09/14/2018 New histoplasmosis risk map
09/06/2018 Link between immune system, disease explored
09/06/2018 ‘Borderline’ lung hypertension should not be ignored: studies
09/06/2018 Unleashing TIGER on small RNAs
08/30/2018 Using light to fight GVHD
08/23/2018 Novel program gives congenital heart disease patients new options
08/23/2018 Madhur, Smith set to deliver fall season’s first Discovery Lecture
08/17/2018 A new target for lung cancer
08/17/2018 YAP after acute kidney injury
08/16/2018 Adults with cystic fibrosis face diabetes risk, spur new research
08/09/2018 Kropski, Shoemaker honored by Doris Duke Foundation
08/06/2018 Grant set to boost patient-centered outcomes research
08/06/2018 Summer Science Academy inspires students, families
08/06/2018 Connecting an asthma gene to leukemia
07/30/2018 American College of Physicians honors Lane
07/26/2018 Telemedicine clinic for kidney transplant screening debuts
07/12/2018 Team explores diabetes drug’s ability to treat RSV infection
07/12/2018 Transplant Center leads way in using hearts from hepatitis C donors
06/28/2018 Ikizler to succeed Harris as Nephrology and Hypertension director
06/28/2018 Team identifies new gene candidates for breast cancer risk
06/28/2018 Vanderbilt thinkers come together for StrategyShare18
06/21/2018 Roden’s circulatory diseases research honored
06/20/2018 Shared genetics may shape treatment options for certain brain disorders
06/14/2018 VUMC joins research network to fight atrial fibrillation
06/14/2018 State of the Department of Medicine address reviews achievement, challenges
06/12/2018 Confronting TB resistance
06/08/2018 How providers receive feedback plays crucial role in antimicrobial stewardship programs
06/08/2018 Enzyme protects against obesity-related heart disease
06/07/2018 VUMC team devises ‘novel’ idea to help improve hypertension education
05/31/2018 Crescenzi lands American Heart Association Career Development Award
05/31/2018 Team seeks to shed light on rare immune-mediated adverse drug reaction
05/30/2018 Berlin assumes new VICC leadership post
05/24/2018 Faculty meeting recognizes excellence in education, research and clinical service
05/24/2018 Study finds acetaminophen helps reduce acute kidney injury risk in children following cardiac surgery
05/24/2018 New method to thwart false positives in CT-lung cancer screening
05/23/2018 Evolution of a deadly virus
05/09/2018 Putting the brakes on sepsis
05/09/2018 New breast cancer targets
05/09/2018 Understanding HDL structure
05/09/2018 Gene study spots clues to heart risk for statin patients