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Jennifer A. Kearney, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Divison of Genetic Medicine

Research in our laboratory is focused on studying genetic modifiers of neurological disease. Within Mendelian disorders there can be considerable variability in the clinical phenotype among family members carrying the same mutation. This variable expressivity may be due to differences in the inheritance of genetic modifier alleles. The role of genetic modifiers in influencing clinical severity has become increasingly important for understanding disease susceptibility and pathophysiology. Variable expressivity is a common feature in patients with inherited epilepsy caused by sodium channel mutations, since family members carrying the same mutation often exhibit differences in the clinical severity. We are studying genetic modifiers of epilepsy using mouse models with mutations in voltage-gated sodium channels. Currently, we are working on positional cloning of modifier loci in mice with primary mutations in the voltage-gated sodium channels Scn1a and Scn2a. We are also developing and characterizing new mouse knock-in models with human epilepsy mutations targeted in the mouse Scn1a locus. Isolation of susceptibility genes will contribute to understanding the molecular events of epileptogenesis and may suggest novel targets for the treatment of human epilepsy.

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Jennifer A. Kearney, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Divison of Genetic Medicine 

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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