About the Center

The Center for Science Communication at Vanderbilt aims both to help VUMC researchers communicate more effectively with their peers and to help potential editors gain experience and improve their skills. The Center offers:

• Manuscript studios-- request a studio through VICTR to meet with a chosen panel of Vanderbilt experts to improve a near-finished manuscript for publication in a high-impact journal, and to develop a publishing strategy. Dr. Siegel moderates basic science studios.

• Self-paced scientific writing training-- This series of 14 lessons and critical and revision exercises covers sections of papers and proposals, the writing process, and ways to make your writing clearer.  Available on the BRET website.  For more information, see Communication Training.

• Individual consulting -- Dr. Siegel offers advice on manuscripts and other professional writing to faculty and trainees in the Department of Medicine.  See Office hours for Medicine for scheduling. 

• Help to potential editors-- The Center offers guidance to faculty who have or seek editorial appointments and offers internships and training opportunities to students and fellows interested in science communication.


Vivian Siegel, PhD
Research Professor of Medicine and
Cell and Developmental Biology
Disease Models and Mechanisms
Executive Editor,
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology


Recent special event

We recently co-sponsored a panel discussion on non-federal funding with Foundation Relations and VUMC Faculty Affairs, which featured Maureen Gannon, Heidi Hamm, William Pao, and Eric Skaar.  A transcript of the conversation is available upon request.