Dira Ashworth,
Clinical Research Coordinator I

Wiesner Group


Joseph Breeyear,

Knapik Lab


Joan Breyer, B.S.
Research Assistant III

Smith Lab

Joan has developed high-throughput genotyping assays for genetic analysis of complex traits. She has adapted the ABI 3700 for production automated genotyping.

Dennis Buehler

Dennis Buehler,
Research Assistant

Southard-Smith Lab

Dennis is isolating and expression profiling neural crest-derived populations from the developing intestine and urinary tract.Kate McReynolds description of her science from website.docx

Meena SS.jpg

Meena Halaka,
Research Assistant

Southard-Smith Lab

Meena is defining the effect of new mutant alleles on enteric ganglia composition and tracking distinct neuronal lineages during development of bladder innervation.

Hucks_Don_portrait use.jpg

Donald Hucks, MS
Lab Manager                                            

Davis Lab

Noah SS.jpg

Noah Lawler,
Research Assistant

Southard-Smith Lab

Noah is characterizing new transgenic alleles to gain mechanistic insight into how specific gene mutations disrupt development and function of the enteric nervous system.